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Festival Map

PCF map Sept 2023 for vendors-guests.png

The festival will be taking place at St. Ursula Catholic Church parking lot at 8801 Harford Road 21234 (on the Putty Hill Side). There will be no parking on the church lot. Look for "Festival Parking" signs.  There is NO GUEST PARKING on the St. Ursula lot

FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE from the off-site parking areas. Shuttle is not handicapped accessible.


Parking Available at:

St. Ursula's Catholic School  8900 Harford Road(in the rear)

St. John's Lutheran Church - 8808 Harford Road (parking behind the church)

Please USE CROSSWALKS to cross Harford Road or Putty Hill Avenue.   

There is a 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride that will be coming up Harford Road past this event between

11:30-12pm.  The road closure will be brief.


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